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Collection of Four stories

Listen to four short stories from one of each of our  storytellers

These stories are in MP3 format

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Listen to four short stories from one of each of our  storytellers

1. William Sam Mcgee,  Title: Farmer  McGee

2. PA  Daniels, Canadians Crossing of the Rhine

3. Chick Hewett, Doodlebugs during a Nice day in London

4. Doug Finney, Korea during Rainy Season

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Story Tellers at Branch 43 Royal Canadian Legion, Oshawa

Story Tellers at Branch 43 Royal Canadian Legion, Oshawa

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Story Teller Session at Royal Canadian Legion Local 43

Update:  Oshawa Veteran Stories

We have completed the first session of story telling.

In attendance was

William “Sam”  Mcgee

Phil Daniel

Chick Hewett

Doug Finney

We recorded twenty fascinating stories  which will be posted as short podcast audio clips and audio slideshows with the local newspapers.


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Story Formats

The Oshawa Remembers Story Format will utalize  story telling techniques and audio/digital story formation

The stories will be short, on average one to three minutes long told in the  first person as  an audio story.  The story telling  techniques focus on the personal telling methodology with pictures and background music

We will also work on completing digital pictures with the audio story using Soundslides which isa  Shockwave Format (SWF) which  is the favoured format for online newspapers

If you have a story or suggest a story, Please contact Glenn McKnight 905-434-6655


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Oshawa Remembers Project: Background

Welcome to Oshawa Remembers

A project of the Foundation for Building Sustainable Communities (FBSC)  sponsored by Veteran Affairs  Community Engagement Initiatives

The purpose of the project is to first and foremost work in accordance to the objectives of the Canada Remembers Partnership program which aims to share mutual commemorative goals.

The project is made possible through the direct and generous support of Veteran Affairs to help educate the Canadian public of the Canadian identity  and shared  history.

The Oshawa Remembers focuses on the contribution of Oshawa citizens to the war effort through direct enlistment or through indirect efforts keeping the homefires burning through civic engagment and wartime employment.


Glenn McKnight



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