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Story Seventy-Four: Recycling and Salvaging during WW 2

Salvage  Fat for War Efforts

Oshawa residents were encouraged to recycle and adhere to a strict  rations regime.  Ration books and tokens were used  for  food essentials such as  sugar, tea, butter, gas and meat.   Non food items  included gasoline and other  items.

In Canada, 11 million ration books were distributed over the duration of the war. As the war progressed, rations such as meat and gas were increasingly important. The Canadian government started to add a purple dye to the farmer’s gas to signify that it was not to be used in recreational vehicles, and people were fined if they were found with purple gas in their cars.

In 1945, Donald Gordon, Head of Wartime Prices and Trade Board declared meatless Tuesdays and Fridays. Meat rations were much more generous in Canada than in Britain. Citizens were given little blue tokens to be exchanged for meat.

Listen to a radio clip from the 1940’s promoting frugal living on the Crime Doctor  Show on CBS

Story One : Children helping various  recycling drives in Oshawa

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