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Story Ninety-Two: D Day Documentary

This is a 59 minute documentary using original photos and film produced in 1998 by Avion Park

The video has some excellent clips of gliders.


Item Two: Propaganda Cartoon(US)

This is  another version of the Three  Little Pigs  story with the Big Bad Wolf  as  Adolf Hitler,  made in 1942. ,  A  MGM Cartoon called  BLITZ WOLF


This is a 59 minute documentary using original photos and film produced in 1998 by Avion Park


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Story Ninety-One: Canadians Awarded US Military Honours,

vietnam_30_hr_enSource: http://archives.cbc.ca/war_conflict/vietnam_war/topics/1413/

It is a common misconception  that  all Canadians  were anti-war protesters  during the Vietnam war, some were, but  the reality was not much different,  in in fact many  Canadians  volunteered with the Americans  in every one of their conflicts  spanning from the Civil War to present day Iraq.  In the case of the  civil war  Canadians  financed and fought on both sides of the blue and grey.

As stated in a previous story on Canadian POW,  Canadian’s served with American troops and the largest number  was  the Vietnam war which saw action.  It is estimated that as many as 40,000 Canadians  fought during the Vietnam war and 103 remain missing in action to today. Over 100 names are on the Vietnam Memorial in Washington.(The wall contains 60,000 names).  The reason for the loss fatality rates is in part to the vast majority were not engaged in direct fighting but rather  peacekeeping roles. To learn more about the Canadians  who fought in US  wars.  Visit the war memorial in Windsor called the  North Wall.

Here is a site http://www.glanmore.org/cdncas/memorialair.html

Sixty Canadians  have received the Congressional Medal of Honour since the Civil War Names Example -Sgt Peter Lemon, Norwich, Ontario served in the 8th Cavalry, 1st US  Divsion received the Congressional Medal of Honour

Oshawa resident  William Sam Magee received the Bronze Star  and Sliver Star and Gallantry Metal while serving with the First Special Service Force.  He also received the Purple Heart but it was taken back by another US  officer while hospitalized in Italy.

We are seeking names of Oshawa residents who were awarded honours from the US  government.

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