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Story Twenty-Seven: Thompson Machine Gun: Saturday Night Special

PA  Daniel relays an interesting story on the evolution of the Thompson Machine gun as a WW 1 weapon ( very expensive ) to the Canadian WW 2 Sten Gun.  The Thompson Machine was a favorite of Al Capone


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Story Twenty-Six; Panzerfaust Weapon

Canadian rangers  throw away their  own Bazooka  stole all the Panzerfaust Weapon  they could steal from the German troops.  A    Very efficient weapon

Panzerfaust Weapon

(Picture  courtesy of Ontario Regimental Museum)

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Story Twenty-Three: 25 Millionth Five Pounder Shell

25-million-shell1Story by Col. Dooley and PA Daniel at the Oshawa Regiment Museum in Oshawa

The shell was made in Ajax, Ontario and during the war the plant  was the largest arsenal in the British Empire.

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Story Seventeen: Doug Finney Mouse Holing Techniques


Doug Finney relays a story about his Uncle Bob  who was with the Canadian Army in Italy and they used their Sherman tanks to blow up buildings in debris filled streets, it was called  mouseholing

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Story Three: A Lovely Day in London…almost


Chick Hewett joined the Air Force in 1942 as a navigator attached to 90 Squadron, RIS Squadron, Canadian Air Force during the second world war,  He received his training in Mountainview New Brunswick .   He served with seven other men as a navigator on a  Landcaster Bomber,  Since he did not have an university degree  he was not qualified to apply to become a pilot.   His missions  were mainly over the  the Ruhr Valley in Germany, called  ” Happy Valley”   which was the main industrial production site  for creating syntheic  oil.

He relays a story about the Summer of  1944 of Buzz Bombs dropping on London while enjoying the beautiful day while visiting  St James Park in London, UK

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