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Oshawa Veterans were immortalized in the comic book called True Comics in a story called  Fredericks Freighters,   This comic version was not produced as one of the famous Canadian Whites which  were replacements comics  during  World War 2 while their was an embargo of US  comic books into Canada by the Canadian government.

Frederick’s Freighters is  a story about Brig Gen Robert T Fredrick who commanded the First Special Service Forces published by True Comics, 1941-1950, 84 issues, colour adventure story genres.


True Comics, No 52, (Sept 1946)

5 pages

Call no PN6728.1P3T7no.52

The comic strip details the concept, training and deployment to the foot o Mt. La Denfsa a Nazi stronghold at the Anzio Beachead.

Herbie Comics

Herbie by Bing  Coughlin and published in the Maple Leaf Magazine was Canada’s answer to Bill’s Mauldin’s  Willie and Joe comic that was published in the Stars and Stripes, Herbie  never “spoke ” in any of the cartoons .  He was voted Man of the Year in 1944 by the Canadian Troops


Resource: Herbie and Friends, Cartoons during Wartime  Barry Rowland, 1990


In interesting American comic strip from WW 2 was called Up Front by  Bill Mauldin  which ran in the US  Stars and Stripes GI publication about Joe and Willy which were two regular US soldiers during WW 2

Link on story on NPR



Willie & Joe: The WWII Years
by Bill Mauldin
Fantagraphics, 307 pages (Vol. 1), 385 pages (vol. 2)

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